10 Years of Great Business!

Norman CescutThere might not be an actual, tried-and-tested recipe for success, but there definitely is a key ingredient to realize one’s dreams – Passion.

We were born out of this intrinsic passion for design and business when our Owner & CEO, Norman Cescut (LinkedIn), decided to make a foray into the world of entrepreneurship with the vision of establishing a full range consultancy specializing in shop concept design.

Our Genesis

Establishing a renowned international consultancy company was not a cakewalk for Norman (blog). For almost four years he walked a tightrope – discussing out-of-the-box and value generating business ideas with potential partners, convincing hesitant prospects about the plausibility of ‘new concepts’ in an otherwise traditional Retail and Franchising business that operated strictly on conventional and time-honored principles and feared trying something new, and of course facing a series of rejections.
But after fours years of relentless strife, we were finally launched – thanks to Norman’s vision to create truly distinguishing projects that generated actual profitability. Our growth was propelled by his sharp business sense and fine-tuned ability to identify and service a niche market looking for innovative and sustainable shop concept design solutions in the Retail and Franchising sectors. Once his ideas took off, we saw our heydays and there’s been no looking back for us ever since!

Where We Stand Today

Today, we are a respectable international Retail & Foodservice company providing innovative and environment-friendly shop concept design solutions across the world and specifically in the Middle East markets. cropped-where-desita1.jpgWe are truly a culmination of Norman’s futuristic business vision of inventing a ‘service’ that was much ahead of its time a decade ago, and which is actively sought-after now by entrepreneurs, business owners, established brands and corporate consortiums hailing from the Foodservice, Retail and Franchising industries.
We strongly believes that a great shop design does not necessarily lead to success. A successful concept is the one that makes profitability and not the one that’s ‘only nice’. At DESITA, we know how to design a profitable business and we ensure to create a concept that not only ensure a chances of success but also make final consumers aware of the unique quality of the services provided, which makes it stand out in the crowd and ahead in competition.

We Are Strong – We Are Different!

In our wide spectrum and quality of services, which rely strongly on the ethics of sustainability, we are like no other company – We are different and it’s proved!
We are also proud to have created the showfood brand – an exclusive sales agency for Italian catering equipment manufacturers that is having now its own metamorphosis to a more complete platform to support the foodservice niche; and ECOFFEE – the eco-friendly coffee shop project, which exemplify how the most competitive markets can be understood, approached and conquered in a sustainable yet highly profitable manner.

DESITA 10 yearsWe are 10 years old! In this wonderful journey, we have grown from strength to strength. We have remained strong and steadfast in the swell and ebb of economy, ventured out to international markets and included countless patrons, delivered innumerable respectable projects worldwide and won appreciation in abundance. We have even inspired many start-ups to stay true to their ideas and work with commitment and perseverance to succeed. 

We Are Ready to Take On the Future

Our 10 remarkable years of great business indeed call for a celebration! We pledge to strive towards continuous service improvement and innovation with a view to deliver what’s best for our clients.

Come, Celebrate With Us!

To make our celebrations extra special, we recently opened an office in Dubai and we are now offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT to the FIRST TWO CLIENTS who seek our services in the New Year – 2015.

We are also HIRING NOW to service our expanding clientele efficiently in the coming year! We have different Open Positions but we will not list them here. We are looking for Human Resouces and not just for people to fill the vacancy. Please apply if you feel to work with us and kindly send your creative CV to info@desita.it

Join Us – as a Client or as a Team Member – and let’s move forward together towards a dazzling, profitable and sustainable future!


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