Dall’ICECREAM al GELATO: il naming che fa bene alla nostra economia

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C’era una volta l’icecream, il “gelato” nella traduzione letterale in lingua inglese, da sempre utilizzato nel mondo per identificare l’alimento senza grandi distinzioni in termini di modalità di produzione, ingredienti, sistemi di conservazione e distribuzione. Nel tempo si è assistito alla nascita di diverse iniziative volte non solo alla commercializzazione, ma soprattutto alla diffusione della…

The DESITA Gelato Award 2016 – Wonderful Winning Ideas!

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Young, prepared and full of imagination – these were the characteristics of the many designers who participated in the first international contest for innovation in the gelato business – the DESITA Gelato Award, held at the Carpigiani Gelato University on 18th June, 2016. The initiative, developed in mid 2015 and launched at Sigep this year,…

Il mondo della gelateria si rinnova grazie al DESITA GELATO AWARD

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Giovani, preparati e pieni di fantasia: è il profilo dei numerosi designer che hanno partecipato al primo contest internazionale per l’innovazione nel settore della gelateria. L’iniziativa, elaborata a metà del 2015 e lanciata al Sigep di quest’anno, aveva l’obiettivo di portare valore e una ventata di freschezza, è il caso di dirlo, ad un settore non…

Promoting gelato in the world? With an eye on Singapore – This is what Valentina Righi has in mind. An interview with the Public Relations Officer of the Fondazione Carpigiani.

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We connect with the concept of food every day: we think about recipes, food enthusiasts – foodies – bloggers and dedicated journalists, chefs that are now television personalities, photographers of dishes and menus to savour, while the term foodservice is slightly less familiar to the non professional. This is all the economic-production chain concerning restoration…

Promuovere il gelato artigianale nel mondo? Ci pensa Valentina Righi di Carpigiani.

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Entriamo ogni giorno in contatto col concetto di food: ci vengono in mente ricette, appassionati di cibo – i foodies – blogger e giornalisti dedicati, chef che ormai sono personaggi televisivi, fotografi di piatti e menu da provare, mentre il termine foodservice è un po’ meno familiare per i non addetti ai lavori. Si tratta…

“Le donne del Sigep” – Intervista a Gabriella De Girolamo

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Entriamo ogni giorno in contatto col concetto di food: ci vengono subito in mente appassionati di cibo – i foodies – blogger e siti dedicati, chef che ormai sono delle celebrità, locali e ricette da provare, mentre il termine foodservice è un po’ meno familiare per i non addetti ai lavori. Si tratta di tutta…

Aprire una gelateria nel 2016: gli accorgimenti per avere successo

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«Non amare il gelato significa non avere nessun interesse per il cibo». (Joseph Epstein) Certo che dev’essere buono. Certo che dev’essere fresco. Certo che il locale dev’esser ben posizionato. Non è affatto poco, ma è tutto qui? Lo abbiamo chiesto a un maestro gelatiere Andrea Soban e a Gianpietro Sacchi, architetto e industrial designer. «É fondamentale…

Meet the jury of DESITA GELATO AWARD 2016

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What have in common two designers, one food journalist, one editor, one gelato chef and one entrepreneur expert in design for business? That’s right: are the judges of the DESITA GELATO AWARD 2016 Participants, please meet here following the judges of the first International design contest about gelato: Alessandro Luciani Over 15 National and International…


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The first International design contest about gelato “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy gelato and that’s kind of same thing” It’s quite impossible to forget the first gelato of your life – so the last one – as opposed to other foods in need of a more crafty palate. It binds memories of…

Dubai, Milano and Abu Dhabi: our journey into the world of Trade Fairs (infographics)

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Dubai (Middle East Franchise Expo), Milano (Salone Franchising), Abu Dhabi (International Franchise Conference & Exhibition) and Milano again (Host hospitality fair).  Events and exhibitions are undoubtedly very important occasions for companies and entrepreneurs interested in creating new synergies, giving birth to new ventures, expanding their business and meeting new partners and strategic suppliers. Choosing to take part…

Italian Chocolate: Because Life is Full of Sweet Surprises

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“Life is like a box of chocolates … You never know what you’re gonna get.”  – Forest Gump Italy is a potpourri of a wide range of high quality traditional food, eating habits and culinary styles. When we talk of Italian food, generally a delicious slice of pizza or a generous serving of pasta comes…

It does not work!

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We really love and appreciate our Clients! In fact, many of them have become our friends and long-term business partners. To those who might potentially become our clients, or those who call us or look up our portfolio in order to find new business ideas or trends in food retail and franchising, we wish to…

Desita Creates New Gelato Concept for Saudi Arabian Patisserie Giant Saadeddin

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After conquering millions of hearts with its delectable range of Arabic and Western pastry, the Saudi Arabian patisserie giant Saadeddin is all set to make a foray into the delicious world of gelato with a new brand, named Creamy. And who do you think is helping the patisserie chain launch its very first gelato concept?…

Gelato. A Modern Marvel!

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Gelato, derived from the Latin word ‘gelatus’, meaning ‘frozen’, might arguably be considered to be a synonym for Italian ice cream, but it is far from the equivalent of ice cream. With its soft, supply and deliciously milky texture and richness of creamy flavor that arouses the most dormant taste-buds, a gelato is a ‘tiny…

the gelato experience

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Visit Sigep 2015 for an Unforgettable International Gelato Experience Sigep is an annual international exhibition of ‘Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Confectionary and Bakery’, held every year in the city of Rimini in Italy. In the artisan gelato sector, it is considered to be the ‘Mother of all Gelato Tradeshows’ and is regarded as one of the…

10 Years of Great Business!

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There might not be an actual, tried-and-tested recipe for success, but there definitely is a key ingredient to realize one’s dreams – Passion. We were born out of this intrinsic passion for design and business when our Owner & CEO, Norman Cescut (LinkedIn), decided to make a foray into the world of entrepreneurship with the…

Gelato World Tour Grand Final

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DESITA is proud to be an ambassador of Italian concept design and is happy to share the culture of Italian artisan gelato to the world. After being protagonist bringing the Gelato World Tour to Dubai last February for the successful fourth stage, will once again be taking part, at side this time, in the grand finale of…

#Gulfood: Pinocchio is here

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Pinocchio is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the children’s novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi. Carved by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a small Italian village, he was created as a wooden puppet, but dreamed of becoming a real boy. The story has appeared in many adaptations…

Pinocchio lands in Dubai: a gelato story

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Human needs are continuous, but the satisfaction of them are still in evolution so this is also the case of buying gelato that have to satisfy tasting and visual needs. Pinocchio cone holder can totally satisfy this basic thus writing a script where the cone is the absolute star of a movie that can be…

#GWTDubai: preparando la quarta tappa del Gelato World Tour.

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Dopo esserci lasciati alle spalle un’edizione di Sigep davvero memorabile, il calendario corre veloce verso un evento che per noi è davvero importante e significativo: la quarta tappa del Gelato World Tour. Vi abbiamo giá raccontato in qualche post del nostro entusiasmo e dell’impegno con i quali stiamo affrontando i preparativi per questo evento, per…

Il gelato artigianale conquista Dubai.

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Il gelato artigianale sta per conquistare Dubai: lo conferma un accurato report commissionato e pubblicato pochi mesi fa dal governo canadese in cui si legge che i consumi di gelato nel mercato degli Emirati Arabi Uniti sono in costante aumento, , con un tasso di crescita annuo medio del fatturato del +4,8%, rendendo doppiamente appetibile il business del…

Gelato World Tour chose Desita to make its 4th stage in Dubai

  • Norman Cescut
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DESITA is proud and honored to be the Partner chose by Gelato World Tour to make the 4th stage of the worldwide show event happen in Dubai. Thanks to our long and great experience in the Middle East market we will coordinate the organization in Dubai thank to the partnership with Franchise Middle East Consultancy. We would like to invite our Gelato Chefs friends…

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