It does not work!

We really love and appreciate our Clients! In fact, many of them have become our friends and long-term business partners.

To those who might potentially become our clients, or those who call us or look up our portfolio in order to find new business ideas or trends in food retail and franchising, we wish to dedicate the following image that speaks a thousand words.

DESITA Clients - it does not work!

Guys – it simply DOES NOT WORK!

How difficult is it to give a proper brief or elaborate a business plan? Proper briefing will only help you understand your specific business objectives (what you want) clearly, and help us to support the development of those key business ideas (what we can offer). If you don’t know how to go about achieving your business goals, we can certainly help you!

Please be proactive. Collaboration is the key – the more you collaborate, the more we will be able to collaborate with you.

And finally, to those who always ask us for ‘free’ consultations or services, here’s something to reflect on: “if you do not believe in your business idea or project and are afraid to invest in it, why should we pool in our International experience at your disposal for free or at very cheap costs?” Isn’t true that Roma wasn’t build in a day and that the Tajmahal wouldn’t be so beautiful if Shahjahan would have taken quotations and just gone for the lowest.

Think about it!

We would be more than happy to “design your profitability” and make you a part of our network of happy and satisfied clients.

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