Are You In The Pizza Franchise Business? Why Not!

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One thing that really gets me drooling? The smell of a hot, fresh-baked pizza, garnished ever so lovingly with my favourite toppings and a generous sprinkle of cheese. The excitement of cutting the first pie and popping it in my mouth comes close to the moment just before a kiss – it’s beyond words!

First documented in Gaeta, in Central Italy around 997 AD, ‘Pizza’ has indeed come a long, long way to become one of the most popular and favourite food items enjoyed by billions across the world. No donuts for wondering why! It’s quick and easy to make, really affordable, can be customized with an unimaginable variety of toppings and sauces as per individual taste, and can be enjoyed just about anywhere – in the comfort of one’s living room, in an Italian Pizzeria or even on the go!

Truth is, pizza is no longer exclusive to Italy. Each country around the world has its own version of pizza. Culture and food preferences and eating habits have all played a big role in diversifying this humble food item. From the choice of toppings to the preparation of sauces – there are a zillion combinations to try. 

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.”
– Kevin James

Pizza is like love. It sets everything right. No matter where you go, or how discerning your food choices are, you can always find a pizzeria and satiate your hunger pangs. When you can’t decide what to eat – there’s always an option of getting pizza. When you want to have a quick bite – you can always grab a pizza. When you don’t want to cook – you can always order-in a pizza. Pizza is safe, pizza is no-mess and pizza is always available! No wonder it has gone global and is the numero uno fast food loved by one and all – across countries, ages and social status.

“You don’t need to be hungry to eat pizza.”
– Norman Cescut

How Does Pizza Fit into the Modern Italian Fast-Casual Dining Niche

Modern Italian cuisine is the next big thing in the fast-casual dining domain – not only in Italy but also around the world. Highly successful quick service restaurant (QSR) brands are adding the world’s most popular Italian fast food to their menus and opening pizza chains across the globe to meet their consumers’ growing demands for their favourite food item.

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The most profitable fast-casual restaurant brands around the world sell pizzas.

From Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Sbarro, Fazoli, Papa John’s and many more – the list just goes on. Pizza franchises have worldwide presence and with major fast casual chain restaurants expanding their concept by opening multiple units around the globe, there is no doubting the fact that this Italian fast food category has a secure, sustainable and profitable future.

Pizza Franchises

Pizza is serious business. But it can also be fun! The main appeal of a pizza franchise is that consumers can enjoy healthy and customized food in a quick service environment and at a fraction of the price they would pay in a casual dining restaurant.

The Focus

  1. The quality of ingredients: Besides using fresh, locally procured farm produce, pizza brands are now diversifying their offerings by including healthiest vegetables, gluten-free ingredients and premium low-fat items to target a growing number of weight-watchers and health-conscious consumers who can enjoy a delicious bite without feeling guilty.
  2. The Options of Customization: With the option of customizing their pizzas, consumers now have a choice of ‘customizing their experience’! From the type of pizza base to the choice of topping and sauces, pizza lovers can now eat what they like, and not just what pizza restaurants have on the menu. Customization is an emerging food trend and growing brands are capitalizing on it big time to attract diverse customer sections.

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Adding Versatility to Pizza Consumption

One of the main reasons why a pizza franchise is a sure-shot success venture is because investors have a variety of service options to choose from before making a decision about buying a pizza franchise. The type of franchise they choose directly affects consumer consumption and experience.

  • Sit-Down Pizzerias: There’s nothing better than enjoying a pizza with friends and family. Sit-down pizza restaurants offer this unique ‘friends and family’ dining experience where consumers can enjoy freshly prepared pizzas in a cosy setting, enjoy great customer service by the friendly staff and pay a reasonable price for their order. The sit-down dining concept has been adopted by major pizza brands including Pizza Hit, Sbarro and Dominoes, as well as individual restaurants.
  • Pizza Delivery: Whenever you are hungry, call your favourite pizzeria or order your pizza online and have it delivered at your doorstep. This concept is the most popular service provided by almost all pizza restaurants – big and small and adds a great deal of convenience to the customers’ consumption of their favourite food item.
  • Pizza Take-Outs: Did you know that almost 40% of all pizza orders are take-outs! This concept makes the consumption of pizza almost as quick and convenient as the delivery service. In fact, most pizzerias providing take-out service also offer generous discounts to customers, because they get to save on delivery staff salaries. So it’s a win-win situation for both!
  • Pizza Trends: Well, please contact us if you wish to know more. Cheers!

All these factors go on to show how versatile the pizza business truly is; it’s like you can never go wrong with it! As long as people love pizza (and there’s absolutely no reason why they would fall out of love with this delicious food item!), there is always a guarantee that a pizza franchise will never run out of business!

If you too are looking to make a foray in the delicious world of pizza, and are looking to develop a pizza franchise in Italy, Middle East or anywhere else in the world, contact us at DESITA. We will help you with your shop concept design and franchising requirements and ensure that your business never runs dry!




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