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We are very happy to inform you that the winners of the Desita Award 2020 has just been announced.

The Desita Award 2020 invited the international community to rethink the entire experience around our two excellences, gelato and pizza. Overall, this year with the collaboration of Desall, designers and creatives responded with 242 projects from 115 countries around the world.

Year after year, the Desita Award confirms itself as a reference point for sector innovation and constitutes a worldwide research and development laboratory capable of catalyzing and systematizing extremely interesting trends and creative intuitions.

The winning projects are truly innovative and surprising, and give an added value to the buying, iteration, and consumption experience, but also favor a better performance of the operator.

This year, the design option delivery was the subject of many projects.

The winner of the Pizza Experience category is the Kidzzaiolo Team, composed of Yue Liu, Cristina Osornio, Lucas Zeer. Their magic roller will explain to people, specially children, how to dive into the pizza making process, which and how many ingredients they need to prepare a perfect Italian pizza.

The winner of the Gelato Experience category is the Scooop Team, composed of Catarina Silva, Guilherme Brito, and Inês Rodrigues. The Team focused on the consumer experience through a new packaging for take-away and delivery.

Special mentions went to the Italian designer Flavia Martignago with the After Pizza project and to the Team composed of Sofia Bosio and Marta Carrè with the Drop project. Their packaging ideas for pizza and gelato are really creative because they rethink the conservation of the product and foster brand loyalty through the game.

All projects explored the concept of sustainability.

We thank the winners, all the participants, and the sponsoring companies who supported the initiative, and we thank Desall for the great support and collaboration.

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