We Are Designers. We Are Consultants. We Design Your Business

Gone are the days when Business School graduates helped organizations to improve efficiencies and roll better profits. Gone are the days when advertising was the only resort to sell more products and make a brand known. Today, businesses are realising the importance of creating unique customer experience as the key to establishing a rock solid brand reputation in competitive markets, boost sales and establish long term capital advantage. Good business design does exactly that – get into the customers’ shoes to give them an experience that they not only remember but also want to enjoy again and again! Any business that relies on good design not only ropes in more loyal customers but also gains a lion’s share in an aggressive market saturated with competition.

Successful Brands Connect with Their Customers Emotionally

It’s not just about selling products that are better than your competitor’s. As a growth-oriented brand, you need to connect with your customers at an emotional level too! The first step to doing this is to understand what your customers want and how they want you to make them feel. By doing this, you give your customers a face, a voice and an opinion; in other words, you see and value them as humans and when they feel acknowledged and appreciated, they reciprocate by becoming loyal to your brand and everything that it stands for.

Good business design makes this possible. It helps you to create an environment where your customers are perceived as human beings, rather than sales figures. It opens up channels of communications between your business and your target consumer groups. It helps your business to launch products and services that your customers actually need.

Many would argue that this philosophy goes against the basic principles of ‘supply and demand’ which forms the backbone of economics. But think about this – the market is crammed with options and customers are becoming wiser too. Which technique would work better – selling products that customers might not need and then pumping advertising money to make those products popular or selling products that customers actually need and looking into creating better customer experience so that they choose your brand over others?


Good Business Design is an Investment in Long Term Customer Relationship

Good business design does not rely on power point presentations pitched in board rooms to win client projects or on unwanted advertisements shoved down customers’ throats to increase visibility – these techniques fizzle out in the long run, because they are unilateral, do not take your customers’ perspective into the picture and in most likeliness are adopted by hundreds of other brands too – so where is the point of differentiation for your brand?

Good business design makes your customers feel exclusive and once they get into the habit of being treated exclusively, they not only become loyal to your brand but also more open to new ideas, products and services developed by you!

Good Business Design Harnesses the Value of Co-Creation

You hire advertisers to make your existing brand more popular. They pitch ideas that they claim would work in the real scenario. You either give a go-ahead and invest in their ideas or take your money elsewhere. However, throughout the process, you are merely a spectator. Sure, your feedback is implemented, but you don’t get as involved as you should be. After all, your business is your brainchild and who would know your business better than you?

As designers, we feel that this is a very boring way to create something out of nothing and make it work. Which is why, we ask you to play along, right from the beginning. Based on how you feel about your brand and taking your creative, practical and emotional insights into consideration we connect the dots, facilitate the ideation process and take it all the way to innovative development and launch. The end result is an exceptional concept design that is entirely yours!

We are Designers. We are Consultants. We Design Your Business.

We don’t leave you out; we include you in the process of making your business better – and it works!

Good Business Design that Works

We cannot stress on this enough – of what good is a ‘perfect design’ if it does not sell products, win customers or improve profits?

As experienced concept creators, we understand that introducing new products or services or launching a new business concept involves as number of risks. This is why we never take on a new development or launch process before having a dry run with it. We believe in the power of prototyping, of developing exceptional customer experiences and receiving real time feedbacks, all of which determine the success of a new business concept.

Based on business model prototyping and data insights, we feed only ‘successful’ elements into our design concept development process to create a ‘tailored solution’ that is guaranteed to work in the market.

Isn’t this a much less risky and highly cost-effective approach?

Technology & Environment-Friendliness are the Two Pillars of Good Business Design

From designing new shop concepts to re-branding existing retail chains, whenever we design your business, we reinforce it with best-in-breed technology so that it can cater to your customers in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner. At the same time, we also focus on eco-friendliness to create sustainable design concepts that help your brand reap better profits and develop a good brand value without taxing the environment.






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