The Italian precious food selection goes to the Middle East

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logo IDGImagine a typical Italian food “shop”, with all its products, colors and smells. The typical Italian atmosphere warm, friendly and elegance while remember the Italian peculiarity of being excellent food producers since centuries. Imagine pasta, cheese and other excellent products and the joy of the people approaching the counter for a first taste before purchasing. Imagines the environment and the people sitting at tables enjoying dishes prepared with food delights processed by experts. Imagine people sipping special Italian drinks and again, enjoy every single moment while listening the story of each single products.

Done? Well, welcome to Italia di Gusto, the Italian precious food selection.


History, culture, traditions are the ingredients of the selected food products you can find in Italia di Gusto. A franchise concept already present in Italy, Europe and Canada aimed to promote the good Italian lifestyle in preparing and eating selected food. Established in 2008, Italia di Gusto can offer today more than 500 products and is always engaged in the research of the best food from small local Italian producers; driven by an absolute dedication to preserving the best Italian traditions in food preparation, Italia di Gusto is a meeting place and an art gallery of authentic flavors, where food and culture are closely related, where customers can taste and learn to appreciate the excellence of the Italian food.

The careful selection focuses on the most genuine tastes, on the products made according to traditional processes, passed down from father to son, on the ingredients aged, ripened and harvested respecting the natural rhythm of seasons. And that is how Italia di Gusto has a surprising variety of specialties ranging from PDO (protected designation of origin) cheese to pickled and smoked meat and fish, from Mediterranean tuna and botargo to exquisite game ragout and truffle sauces, without forgetting the best of Italian tradition in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Elegance and simplicity of the environment, that find its ideal location close to major brands of fashion and design stores, enhance the product quality and invite to the tasting.

We’re pleased to be the partner that will support the development of this Italian excellence all over the Middle East, to convey this mix of specialties, tradition and food culture that are also part of our background as a foodservice consultants and creators of food concepts. Investors are welcome to contact us for further information.

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