Would you like to develop your Franchising in a growing market?

Business Retail Tour in Dubai and Franchising Exhibition

If you think that your Franchising is suitable for the United Arab Emirates or/and for the Middle East region in general, the first exploration to be done is in the most in turmoil city of the world: Dubai.

If you were thinking to go to Dubai and to have a first contact in the local market you have surely asked yourself:

– How do I optimize my time and consequently my costs?
– How can I organize the meetings and the visits from abroad?
– Who can help me to take the right decision by giving me all the information I  need?
– Will I be able to meet the local investors?

The oppurtunity is given you thanks to the 5th Franchise UAE EXPO, the International fair of the Franchising and Retail in Dubai (25th and 26th of September 2013) of which DESITA is the exclusive partner & promoter for Italy.

Recent studies have shown that 97% of the failures are a result of a lack of attention in the changes of the market. That means, that working in a sector without knowing the trends and the evolutions can be a risk for the business and could treathen the profits. This risk is bigger in a crisis period. People that want to overcome this bad period have to work on an element of cultural discontinuity and have to modify their market approach. 

DESITA creators of unique Retail projects and present in Dubai over 10 years, together with Milano Retail Tour the only format for companies that want to explore the Retail trends of Milano as the internationals, offer you a journey to discover the change in the Retail world of Dubai and the possibility to meet the investors in exclusive B2B meetings.

Download the presentation here

IMPORTANT: Not Italians are more then welcome to join us!

For more information please contact us at info@desita.it

Note: Inscriptions are still open if you are interested in exhibiting at the Franchising fair.



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