Mar 9

The cross-pollination between the synergy of food and design has happened. Avant-garde designers are moving away from conformist design ideas and chiming in the long […]

Nov 30

COFFEE ONE corner is the Italian format of coffee to go. COFFEE ONE applies the concept of modularity to the modern concept of coffee corner. A […]

Nov 6

The Caffé Business There are several reasons why Italian coffee houses are so popular and profitable. While they continue to preserve the authentic coffee drinking […]

Ott 22

Welcome to the World of Italian Coffee! Coffee is the lifeblood of students, the power drink of billions going to work every morning and the […]

Giu 17

We really love and appreciate our Clients! In fact, many of them have become our friends and long-term business partners. To those who might potentially […]

Giu 12

Dieting to maintain an hourglass figure and pumping iron at the gym to get that brawny body are yesterday’s fads. Fit, healthy and shapely bodies […]

Mar 4

Be it a cream filled Cannoli or an almond flavored Bruttiboni, a slice of Christmas Panettone or a fluffy Sfogliatella – it is very difficult […]

Dic 16

Are you looking for a good place to work? We’re looking for someone who’s good for DESITA, good at lots of things and good for […]

Dic 12

There might not be an actual, tried-and-tested recipe for success, but there definitely is a key ingredient to realize one’s dreams – Passion. We were […]

Gen 16

The franchise project that we introduce you today is the emanation of a real piece of heaven: OM Officinali di Montauto is an organic farm […]

Gen 13

As a creator and developer of innovative Retail concepts that detect market trends and create new business niches opportunities, we are now looking for talented […]

Giu 12

La collaborazione è in risposta al grande interesse dei Franchisor italiani verso i mercati del Medio Oriente Il 5° Franchising UAE Expo, il più grande evento del […]

Nov 19

L’Italia è un paese per vecchi. Spesso si ha l’impressione che le parole innovazione e cambiamento siano state eliminate dal dizionario. Tra le tante armi […]

Ago 7

Sono contento di annunciarvi che la linea di magliette eco-friendly di ECOFFEE, con i suoi eco-mindful message attached (di cui l’acronimo è riferito ad Emma, mia […]

Apr 17

Now available for purchase on selected stores in Italy We were amazed by the final result – and even though these ECOFFEE tShirts were meant to be […]

Apr 12

The Concept The creation of a sustainable and responsible café, an ECOFFEE shop, does not only require careful selection and study of the location, of the materials to be used, of the […]

Set 16

For those of you who do not follow me on Twitter @norman_cescut and have not yet been notified about this great news, I am very […]

Ago 12

DESITA and its ECOFFEE partner Serint Group Italia are pleased to announce the partnership reached with the Fondazione Meeting, the organizing committee of Meeting Rimini […]