Netto Knife and Crock won the DESITA AWARD 2018

No one will argue anymore for the biggest slice of pizza and everyone will order its favorite gelato in hemisphere! “Netto Knife” and “Crock” won respectively the two categories of the 4th edition of the international design contest DESITA AWARD – Pizza & Gelato Experience 2018. The prizigiving was held last 30th of November at FICO Eataly World (Bologna, Italy), at the hall of Carpigiani Gelato University with the sparkling presentation of Sofia Petti. A new “tool” designed to satisfy everyone when at home you want to cut the pizza in equal parts, especially when you are odd. This is “Netto Knife” project of the Turkish team composed by Samed Tumer, Aylin Ertürk, Ismail Günes Ötken.
A half-sphere wafer oriented to “food design”, for those who want gelato in 4.0 mode. This is “Crock” project by the Italians Vincenzo Sorrentino and Carlotta Di Bella.
On the podium also the Mexican Brenda Chavez Quintero and Maria Alejandra Aateus Rubiano, and the Turks Özge Durmaz and the Italian Anna Murgo.
The reading of the many projects arrived, evokes a clear and strong trend towards sustainable consumption, as per the this modality: where, how, when and with whom I want. Precisely the possibility of choice and personalization is the basis of a trend that will bring many new features to the sector, giving us the opportunity to rethink the whole ‘experience’, but also to study new ways, new concepts and and tools to relate to a consumer who evolves continuously and that consumes everywhere and anytime.
More photos on our DESITA facebook page
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