Desita enhances the concept of hospitality at EuroShop 2020

“The quantities compete for space, the qualities complement each other” . Dietrich Bonhoeffer

For whom, like us, attend trade fairs for many years worldwide, are familiar with the thoughts about how big the stand will be, where will it be placed or what kind of design to use to result more captivating or visible.

There are legitimate questions, certainly, yet, at times, taken by the desire to amaze at all costs, to generate the so-called “wow effect”, there is the risk of losing contact with the fundamental aspect of doing business (especially nowadays): the originality for its own sake leaves the time it finds if not inserted in broader strategic considerations.

Therefore, it becomes essential to deepen the relationship between one’s own professional identity and the complexity of a market which, net of numbers and trends, is always made by people, with their need to feel welcomed, special, unique and to live memorable occasions.  

In summary: it is not (only) to tell a catalog of products and services, but to offer an experience, even where it would not seem indispensable.

We had an additional confirm at EuroShop, trade fair of world reference in the retail sector, one of the most important stages of the sector, where Desita – in collaboration with Grottini, Grottinilab, Mumo and Trizma – participated bringing our own distinctive skillset: creating places and situations of precious conviviality and with a high experiential component, enhancing the intrinsic capacity of food to create “connections” and from there, to generate business opportunity. 

At the Agorà – this is the name given to the stand with a precise reference to the concept of “square” as a meeting and comparison place – has been created a space characterized by perforated walls produced with 3D printing, preferring sustainable materials and placing a large olive tree at its centre.

We avoided the usual service counter with the barman and focused on tiny coffee pod machines made available for the guests’ meeting moments, enhancing, thus, the beauty of a friendly and almost intimate gesture, very useful to create a first level of “contact”, typical of much more intimate and confidential circumstances.

In addition, to give relief to the throats of those who spent whole days talking – and even as proposal of concept – Desita brought a smart gelato shop of only 4 square meters, with 2 batch freezers on the counter and five carapines filled with fresh gelato every morning and, above all, the possibility of customizing your flavour by sparying special food essences specially produced in collaboration with Mumo.

Apparently small choices but able to generate that curiosity and magic that every entrepreneur would want to see in their own businesses, especially when it concerns the development of franchising, whose imperative is to strongly stand out from competitors and those who “limit themselves” to serve food, without studying that something-more that could guarantee greater success.

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