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Interview published in the October issue of the magazine “Il Friuli Business”


With the end of the embargo, it opens a new season for economic and Iran, after almost four decades of closure to the world, all eyes turn towards these territories.

<< It ‘sa different from the Arab market: the Persian culture is very advanced and eager to distinguish themselves from the “home” neighbors >>, he tells Norman Cescut, friulian entrepreneur, CEO DESITA, developer brand and concept Business around the world, with offices in Italy, Dubai, India and Tehran.

For an entrepreneur, what is the best approach to a market that knows little?

<< I would not be trivial, but I would say respect and delegated to those who know more. Since 1997, the year that saw us land in Dubai, could bring many examples of business ideas failed because of a very mature approach and overly egoriferito. Also for this reason, after the opening of our office in Tehran, we felt that it made sense to organize meetings within local incubators, with the aim of listening to, even more than proposing, creating a real networking system which threw up important bridges with Italy >>.

What exactly are the opportunities you are referring to?

<< It’s a two-way path: Italian entrepreneurs who want to bring their business abroad, but also in love with Italy and Iranian investors eager to tap into the “made in Italy” in order to grow their own country >>.

What are the market segments most involved in this revolution?

<< Surely catering and hospitality, our specialty, but they are not the only outlets. We always consider that we are talking about out of years of isolation >>.

What are currently the main difficulties?

<< They are political and bureaucratic, of course. Continues to be problematic to make financial transactions with Iranian banks, for example, despite the gradual reconnection to SWIFT and it is not yet entirely clear how you are redistributing the power, through the incredible economic acceleration >>.

DESITA is also involved in creating franchise, is a model that you think might take root in Iran?

<< Definitely. We already have several requests in this regard. Those who come to us are not interested in creating a simple logo or just rendering of a local: aims to support a much richer and complex, in which each element, from brand identity to the architectural construction, is designed to harnessing the resources and amplify earnings >>.

It’s easy to transfer this kind of value?

<< No, not at all. It is never easy for those who do business accept the presence of a “third” element between itself and its target. However, I would say that in the Middle East is a bit ‘different: for example, the customer calls us to entrust us with all the intentions in full both the creative process (concept, design, business model optimization) that the operational ( choosing suppliers, construction supervision, red tape, etc.), has in mind a definite budget and you do not even dream of questioning decisions on which it is not competent: he wants to be relieved of responsibility. On the other side, often it manifested less quick decision-making and, at times, it is hard to interpret the signals to address the widest range of actions. We really need to have experience to do well >>.

So, work on corporate culture is very important everywhere …

<< Absolutely. Every year we invest resources and energy to create projects aimed at innovation and expanding the points of contact between supply and demand. We are strongly present on the main social, we take care of a very lively blog and we were successful international contest promoters. Ensure a positive impact on stakeholders as possible is very important for us.

Our philosophy “design for business” also means this: yes involve entrepreneurs and investors, but also designers, photographers, innovators and all the companies in the foodservice industry in the world >>.


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