Foodservice Award Italy 2015

What is the significance of establishing a prize for the Best Italian Foodservice Chain? And how should one judge the competing participants?

Well, if it the award is only to get a bit of advertising and recognition, I believe there are other ways to promote oneself, some more direct and well-known and others a little discreet.

The reason I decided to be a part of this prestigious panel and get involved as a judge at the 2015 FOODSERVICE AWARD is quite simple and a bit personal.


I am always looking for continuous improvements – for discoveries, for people who devote their body, mind and soul to their work and those who are always working in the market, with a finger on the pulse of their customers and finding new ways to cater to their needs.

I know that in the end, it is the public that approves a successful formula and not a guy with a little shovel in his hand but I admire very much who puts himself in the game and says, “Behold, this is what I am; this is my world; this is my voice and my passion. This is my Concept! You are a professional, what do you think?”

And from there, he grow ups, finds inspirations and competes.

I am highly honored to have been chosen as part of the jury in the ‘INTERNATIONAL APPEAL’ category, along with other industry colleagues and distinguished professionals, all of whom I respect very much.

Keep following the blog as the Foodservice Award is schedule for December the 3rd. I will keep you posted.

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