Desita Creates New Gelato Concept for Saudi Arabian Patisserie Giant Saadeddin

After conquering millions of hearts with its delectable range of Arabic and Western pastry, the Saudi Arabian patisserie giant Saadeddin is all set to make a foray into the delicious world of gelato with a new brand, named Creamy. And who do you think is helping the patisserie chain launch its very first gelato concept? – Why, DESITA of course!

We Have History Together

My personal association with the Saadeddin pastry brand goes way back in time. I met its owner, Mr. Ali, almost 12 years ago, when he was looking for someone to help him with the shop concept design of his pastry shop. Our partnership continued fruitfully and since then we’ve successfully executed three concepts design. The new gelato concept is at its finishing stage; once complete, it will be the fourth foodservice concept design that we would have executed for him.

Saadeddin’s decision to venture into the wonderful world of gelato was fuelled by the growing popularity and demand for this artisan dessert in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. With its 4th shop concept that completely focuses on gelato, Saadeddin is all set to diversify its product range and achieve its business expansion aspirations. We at DESITA are helping Saadeddin by creating an all new brand identity and business philosophy for brand Creamy.   

DESITA Saadeddin2

Doing What I’ve Loved!

Personally, this has been a very special project for me. I am an Italian and I love gelato. I’ve always taken keen interest in following global gelato trends, not only from the gastronomical point of view but also from the business and franchising perspective. I’m been a regular at important events revolving around gelato, such as Sigep and please do not forget that, we at DESITA, bought the Gelato World Tour in Dubai, UAE.

Over the years, I am privileged to have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience about the gelato industry. Nothing – and I mean nothing, could have been more honorable than being picked-up by the most reputed Saudi Arabian patisserie chain and be asked by them to develop a new shop concept design around gelato, giving us a dedicated budget and freedom to create! That’s how any good clients should act.

With the Saadeddin gelato shop concept design, I have had the opportunity to leverage my knowledge of the gelato industry in the Middle East, and utilize it to create the best shop concept design, fully equipped to set trends and to meet the growing popularity of gelato in Saudi Arabia.

What to Look Out For

The new Creamy concept design developed by DESITA for Saadeddin features a swanky, modern environment, which have the look and feel of a high-street artisan gelato shop but the heart of a gelato wonderland! Gelato lovers can simply walk in to taste different varieties of authentic Italian gelato. And since it would be a signature Saadeddin store, there would obviously be select pastries, chocolates and coffee for connoisseurs to enjoy!

We are very excited about the grand opening of the new Saadeddin gelato shop. Wondering where it is located within the immense territory of the Kingdom? We’re not spilling the beans just now! For that, you’ll need to stay tuned to our updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest!

We can, however, give you a sneak-peak at the kind of products Saadeddin is world-famous for! 


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