Concept design. So what?

How Innovative Shop Concept Design Boosts Sales & Elevates Your Business’ Brand Experience

An innovative shop concept design is the first essential step towards achieving success in a highly competitive retail market. Customers love to spend time in shops that have a unique appeal. On the other hand, boring shop designs not only send potential buyers away but also fail to create any positive impression in their minds.

Representing business culture and making customers feel special

A good shop concept design is a representation of a business internal culture. It is also safe to say that shop design works like an ‘incognito salesperson’, highlighting the best attributes of a business to customers, that they would otherwise not pay attention to. Shop concept design amalgamates the elements of a business’s idea declinated and visualized by architecture, physical layout, interior décoration, branding, merchandising, equipment and also advertising to truly reflect its unique selling propositions (USPs) make the shop stand out in the crowd. Innovative shop concepts not only help to sell a business’ products or services – they help to sell a unique experience that makes potential customers feel exquisite and turn them into loyal clients! In doing this, it creates a significant competitive advantage for the business.

Optimizing the use of selling space and boosting sales

Customers hate shops that are crammed with products, which are usually difficult to locate in the clutter. A neater shop concept design utilizes and presents the shop’s physical space in the best possible manner. Products are arranged and displayed in an attractive manner, which ensures them maximum visibility, together with aesthetic appeal. In a well-planned shop, customers can easily find what they are looking for. This helps to save their time and energy and create a happier, hassle-free shopping experience.

Shops that are designed in a planned method are clean, well-lit, clutter-free, easier to move through and clearly present their offerings in an attractive and quick-to-locate manner. Most importantly, they create a high degree of customer engagement, which maximizes sales drastically and takes their popularity ratings several notches up.

DESITA for Speed Queen

Drawing customers in a wholesome brand experience

When you walk past an Apple store in a mall, what is the first thing that catches your attention? – Its neat and spacious shop design that attracts and engages customers and pulls them instantly into a full-fledged brand experience! So much so that, you immediately wish to enter the shop! Such is the magic of a good shop concept design! A retail shop might be selling a whole range of products and services similar to its competitors, but add a few innovative design concepts to the layout and it will sell a wholesome ‘brand experience’ that customers would love to indulge in!

Incorporating technology to create strong brand identity and happier customer experinece – online and offline

Every single element in a shop space represents and reinforces the business’s brand identity. A consistent shop concept incorporates best-in-class technology to integrate the brand’s colors, logo and design elements in order to unite online and offline brand representation and create a consistent experience for customers. Moreover, innovative technology such as sensorial marketing, multimedia and DIY touch systems, not only boosts sales but also makes the overall shopping experience modern, quick and fun!

Optimizing the Use of Free Advertising Space

A unique way to catch customers’ attention and stand out in competition is to make the most optimum use of free advertising space. Free advertising spaces are those spaces that you already pay for – like the shop’s windows, drive-throughs, walls or … ceiling. A well-planned and creative shop concept design can help amplify the brand message, inform buyers about running offers and promotions, attract footfalls inside the shop and even make a shop space look unique – all without spending an extra penny!

So what?

It’s imperative to create a winning concept
in today’s market, saturated with competition,
to ensure your chances of success.
You must make your customers aware
of your business’s unique character,
to stand out among the competitions.

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