Speed Queen

Paradigm revolution has turned out to be a winning operation again. It is not just a coincidence that this new format comes from America. 

Speed Queeen signage by DESITA www.desita.it

The laundry room, once a hidden corner of the house, turns into a self-service or coin-operated laundry, a pivotal point of the city and synonymous with elegance and innovation.

The Speed Queen format, created in America and now ready to spread its wings across Europe and Italy, has been reinterpreted by DESITA through the adoption of the concept design, material and entertainment improvements aimed at providing a better user experience through the revolution of the concept of self-service laundry that people in Italy had always associated with terms like “suburbs”, “poverty” and “social inequality”.

Apart from renewing the concept, DESITA is also working on improving the functioning of the roll-out, as well as on the contract development, since innovation often means “building the right conditions and environment that are necessary for the innovation itself“.

In Florence, near the Station of Santa Maria Novella, a famous sight for people from all over the world (students, tourists, immigrants, art and architecture lovers, citizens and workers), it is now possible to take advantage of a next generation laundry-store. Florence accepted to catch the innovation wave (the first city in Italy after the preliminary tests made in Koper and Barcelona), and to become a “smart city” interested in meeting new living and working trends. The decontextualizaton of the workplace resulted in the fact a simple bench in the park has become the ideal place to read e-mails or arrange a videoconference; following the same philosophy, Speed Queen allows customers to entertain inside its spaces reading a book, sipping a cup of coffee, watching TV, surfing the net or simply chatting with each other in a comfortable, design environment while next-generation washing machines and tumble dryers perform their duties. Further innovations are coming soon.

sq firenze 3200x1800 vista 1

A few years ago, nobody wanted their personal information to be disclosed on the web, so, how facebook founder stated in an interview ;”.. for my parents privacy was a value, while for people of my generation the true value comes from sharing information ..”. Sharing experiences is the key.

Entertainment is the winning combination. This helps to better understand the increasing spread of self-service laundries all over the world. Laundries “not only laundries”. The network model Speed Queen is promoting all over Italy and Europe thanks to the support of DESITA is a big opportunity for those willing to invest their savings notwithstanding the crisis by opening medium-sized stores (50 m²) that are easy to manage and have low purchase and operating costs. As for the majority of businesses, “contract delivery” is the ideal condition to start a business, since it has fixed costs and fixed time frame. For more detailed information, please contact us: marketing@desita.it


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