Gen 22

C’era una volta l’icecream, il “gelato” nella traduzione letterale in lingua inglese, da sempre utilizzato nel mondo per identificare l’alimento senza grandi distinzioni in termini […]

Giu 27

Young, prepared and full of imagination – these were the characteristics of the many designers who participated in the first international contest for innovation in […]

Giu 20

Giovani, preparati e pieni di fantasia: è il profilo dei numerosi designer che hanno partecipato al primo contest internazionale per l’innovazione nel settore della gelateria. […]

Mar 16

We connect with the concept of food every day: we think about recipes, food enthusiasts – foodies – bloggers and dedicated journalists, chefs that are […]

Mar 2

Entriamo ogni giorno in contatto col concetto di food: ci vengono in mente ricette, appassionati di cibo – i foodies – blogger e giornalisti dedicati, […]

Feb 25

Entriamo ogni giorno in contatto col concetto di food: ci vengono subito in mente appassionati di cibo – i foodies – blogger e siti dedicati, […]

Feb 15

«Non amare il gelato significa non avere nessun interesse per il cibo». (Joseph Epstein) Certo che dev’essere buono. Certo che dev’essere fresco. Certo che il […]

Gen 19

What have in common two designers, one food journalist, one editor, one gelato chef and one entrepreneur expert in design for business? That’s right: are […]

Gen 15

The first International design contest about gelato “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy gelato and that’s kind of same thing” It’s quite impossible […]

Dic 7

Dubai (Middle East Franchise Expo), Milano (Salone Franchising), Abu Dhabi (International Franchise Conference & Exhibition) and Milano again (Host hospitality fair).  Events and exhibitions are undoubtedly very […]

Lug 7

“Life is like a box of chocolates … You never know what you’re gonna get.”  – Forest Gump Italy is a potpourri of a wide […]

Giu 17

We really love and appreciate our Clients! In fact, many of them have become our friends and long-term business partners. To those who might potentially […]

Mag 7

After conquering millions of hearts with its delectable range of Arabic and Western pastry, the Saudi Arabian patisserie giant Saadeddin is all set to make […]

Gen 21

Gelato, derived from the Latin word ‘gelatus’, meaning ‘frozen’, might arguably be considered to be a synonym for Italian ice cream, but it is far […]

Gen 16

Visit Sigep 2015 for an Unforgettable International Gelato Experience Sigep is an annual international exhibition of ‘Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Confectionary and Bakery’, held every year […]

Dic 12

There might not be an actual, tried-and-tested recipe for success, but there definitely is a key ingredient to realize one’s dreams – Passion. We were […]

Set 3

DESITA is proud to be an ambassador of Italian concept design and is happy to share the culture of Italian artisan gelato to the world. […]

Feb 24

Pinocchio is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the children’s novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi. Carved by […]