Giu 27

Young, prepared and full of imagination – these were the characteristics of the many designers who participated in the first international contest for innovation in […]

Giu 20

Giovani, preparati e pieni di fantasia: è il profilo dei numerosi designer che hanno partecipato al primo contest internazionale per l’innovazione nel settore della gelateria. […]

Mar 16

We connect with the concept of food every day: we think about recipes, food enthusiasts – foodies – bloggers and dedicated journalists, chefs that are […]

Mar 2

Entriamo ogni giorno in contatto col concetto di food: ci vengono in mente ricette, appassionati di cibo – i foodies – blogger e giornalisti dedicati, […]

Feb 1

Sigep – 23/01/2016 – DESITA GELATO AWARD – press conference. DESITA GELATO AWARD registrations are open, go to to download the “contest form” to partecipate! […]

Gen 19

What have in common two designers, one food journalist, one editor, one gelato chef and one entrepreneur expert in design for business? That’s right: are […]

Gen 15

The first International design contest about gelato “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy gelato and that’s kind of same thing” It’s quite impossible […]

Dic 7

Dubai (Middle East Franchise Expo), Milano (Salone Franchising), Abu Dhabi (International Franchise Conference & Exhibition) and Milano again (Host hospitality fair).  Events and exhibitions are undoubtedly very […]

Lug 7

“Life is like a box of chocolates … You never know what you’re gonna get.”  – Forest Gump Italy is a potpourri of a wide […]

Mag 7

After conquering millions of hearts with its delectable range of Arabic and Western pastry, the Saudi Arabian patisserie giant Saadeddin is all set to make […]

Gen 16

Visit Sigep 2015 for an Unforgettable International Gelato Experience Sigep is an annual international exhibition of ‘Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Confectionary and Bakery’, held every year […]

Set 3

DESITA is proud to be an ambassador of Italian concept design and is happy to share the culture of Italian artisan gelato to the world. […]

Feb 19

DESITA at Gelato World Tour in Dubai

Feb 10

Human needs are continuous, but the satisfaction of them are still in evolution so this is also the case of buying gelato that have to […]

Gen 28

Dopo esserci lasciati alle spalle un’edizione di Sigep davvero memorabile, il calendario corre veloce verso un evento che per noi è davvero importante e significativo: […]

Gen 20

Il gelato artigianale sta per conquistare Dubai: lo conferma un accurato report commissionato e pubblicato pochi mesi fa dal governo canadese in cui si legge che i […]

Dic 17

DESITA is proud and honored to be the Partner chose by Gelato World Tour to make the 4th stage of the worldwide show event happen in Dubai. Thanks to our […]