Apr 4

Dal 7 al 9 aprile 2018 DESITA vola a Ho Chi Minh per presentare le sue proposte di franchising a imprenditori, investitori, fondi, autorità locali. […]

Mar 13

Agli italiani piacciono il cibo e le classifiche. Quello di mettersi alla prova è un po’ un nostro pallino tra premi, competizioni e tornei televisivi. […]

Lug 17

La soluzione imprenditoriale del franchising continua ad essere molto apprezzata negli ultimi anni. Complici le condizioni che agevolano questo percorso – investimenti senza sorprese, procedure standardizzate, […]

Mag 9

Working in Dubai is a dream many professionals in the food and beverage industry strive to realize. However, sometimes their dream gets lost midway, for […]

Apr 14

Vi proponiamo una nuova infografica al servizio degli investitori e della buona imprenditoria. Per qualsiasi informazione o per affidarci lo sviluppo del vostro business, contattateci. […]

Apr 7

Cliché has it that when there is money, finding an investment opportunity becomes a secondary concern. Going by that train of thought, all that a […]

Apr 4

Per coloro che pensano sia facile internazionalizzare il proprio brand o portare un franchising all’estero, partendo da zero, dirigendosi verso territori in apparenza ancora da […]

Nov 10

What is the significance of establishing a prize for the Best Italian Foodservice Chain? And how should one judge the competing participants? Well, if it […]

Ott 22

Welcome to the World of Italian Coffee! Coffee is the lifeblood of students, the power drink of billions going to work every morning and the […]

Ott 15

We are often asked why we participate with such enthusiasm in trade fairs and events around the world. The answer seems simple and obvious, but […]

Ott 12

First published on Global Franchise Magazine Discover how two franchising associations are working together to make life easier for their members. Founded in 2012, “IREF […]

Mag 4

One thing that really gets me drooling? The smell of a hot, fresh-baked pizza, garnished ever so lovingly with my favourite toppings and a generous […]

Apr 23

We, at DESITA are proud to announce yet another milestone in our journey! We have recently tied up with Pasta & Sugo – a leading […]

Mar 20

Why is McDonald so popular around the world? Why do we pay so much more for a regular cup of coffee at Starbucks? Truth is […]

Gen 30

Funny thing about language, where one word can have a certain meaning in a certain culture, it can have a very different connotation in another! […]

Gen 14

How Innovative Shop Concept Design Boosts Sales & Elevates Your Business’ Brand Experience An innovative shop concept design is the first essential step towards achieving […]

Dic 16

Are you looking for a good place to work? We’re looking for someone who’s good for DESITA, good at lots of things and good for […]

Dic 12

There might not be an actual, tried-and-tested recipe for success, but there definitely is a key ingredient to realize one’s dreams – Passion. We were […]