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Apr 7

Cliché has it that when there is money, finding an investment opportunity becomes a secondary concern. Going by that train of thought, all that a […]

Mar 16

We connect with the concept of food every day: we think about recipes, food enthusiasts – foodies – bloggers and dedicated journalists, chefs that are […]

Mar 9

The cross-pollination between the synergy of food and design has happened. Avant-garde designers are moving away from conformist design ideas and chiming in the long […]

Feb 8

Thanks to innovative design and technological interventions, restaurants around the world are adopting new ways of doing business – practices that were practically unthinkable even […]

Feb 1

Sigep – 23/01/2016 – DESITA GELATO AWARD – press conference. DESITA GELATO AWARD registrations are open, go to to download the “contest form” to partecipate! […]

Gen 27

Millennials: who are they from a retailer prospective? They are called Millennials or Generation Y. They are in the age within 18 and 35. About 12 […]

Gen 19

What have in common two designers, one food journalist, one editor, one gelato chef and one entrepreneur expert in design for business? That’s right: are […]

Gen 15

The first International design contest about gelato “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy gelato and that’s kind of same thing” It’s quite impossible […]

Gen 11

When we Design a new Concept, essentially, we Design its Business. When done well, good Business Design not only delights customers but also inspires other […]

Dic 23

Saving a boy six hours of walking in a sunny day, with his feet on the dry land, and the risk of being attacked by […]

Dic 21

The famous Film Director Federico Fellini used to always say: “an emotion must never be stopped.” Clinging tight to this thought, we are sending out […]

Dic 16

In Italy much has been said concerning the difficulties women face in consolidating their professional position and achieving success compared to their male colleagues. The […]

Dic 7

Dubai (Middle East Franchise Expo), Milano (Salone Franchising), Abu Dhabi (International Franchise Conference & Exhibition) and Milano again (Host hospitality fair).  Events and exhibitions are undoubtedly very […]

Nov 30

COFFEE ONE corner is the Italian format of coffee to go. COFFEE ONE applies the concept of modularity to the modern concept of coffee corner. A […]

Nov 17

Gone are the days when Business School graduates helped organizations to improve efficiencies and roll better profits. Gone are the days when advertising was the […]

Nov 10

What is the significance of establishing a prize for the Best Italian Foodservice Chain? And how should one judge the competing participants? Well, if it […]

Nov 6

The Caffé Business There are several reasons why Italian coffee houses are so popular and profitable. While they continue to preserve the authentic coffee drinking […]

Ott 22

Welcome to the World of Italian Coffee! Coffee is the lifeblood of students, the power drink of billions going to work every morning and the […]