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Set 5

Last year, DESITA held its 3rd edition of the International Design Award dedicated to designers, architects and creatives to revolutionize the whole experience around pizza. Award […]

Nov 29

We are not referring to some bot that lets you order inside the infamous Facebook Messenger, nor to those recent screens placed at Mc Donald’s […]

Nov 15

“Creative Italian dishes served between columns and marble floors, in a fine restaurant with a piano” is the kind of impression you’ll get when you […]

Nov 8

We all know it as the “American Dream” – to fly halfway around the world in search of fortune, wealth and future – more often […]

Ott 21

‘Research’, ‘contamination’ and ‘experimentation’ are a few buzzwords in the world of food and food service; a world that is always changing, is driven by […]

Ott 18

Interview published in the October issue of the magazine “Il Friuli Business” With the end of the embargo, it opens a new season for economic […]

Ott 4

It is a question that is often asked during conferences and client meetings. “Why should I invest in opening a store or a chain and […]

Set 27

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, but a sultry afternoon in the July of 2011. We were in Riyadh, and what we had in […]

Set 19

We live in an unprecedented era in terms of choices: information, places, products, services, lifestyles – at no other time in human history has there […]

Ago 1

2016 has been an intense year, full of initiatives, projects and creations – from the DESITA Gelato Award to Speed Queen, the photography contest #WORKSFORTHEM […]

Lug 18

Data derived from the 5th Food Service Network Meeting seems to confirm an interesting trend: while the number of customers dining out is growing at […]

Lug 6

DESITA launches #worksforthem: a first-of-its-kind photography contest to capture and bring to focus foodservice professionals – their faces, gestures, moods, expressions and values. We might […]

Giu 27

Young, prepared and full of imagination – these were the characteristics of the many designers who participated in the first international contest for innovation in […]

Giu 17

Consulting is a big responsibility, regardless of the market segment. It is a complex activity that fits within the decision-making processes, and makes entrepreneurs extremely […]

Giu 7

These days there is a lot of talk about ‘disruptive innovation’. It is difficult to underline a precise and comprehensive definition of complex reasoning, but […]

Mag 19

What is sustainability? Sustainability refers to all those practices deployed to meet the needs of the present generation, without compromising on the ability of the […]

Mag 9

Working in Dubai is a dream many professionals in the food and beverage industry strive to realize. However, sometimes their dream gets lost midway, for […]

Apr 28

Do you travel frequently for work? Sex, solitude and curiosity will come to your rescue! During the 19 plus years of boring and strenuous journeys […]