3 Tips to Beat Boredom & Stress Out of Your Business Travel

aprile 28

Do you travel frequently for work? Sex, solitude and curiosity will come to your rescue!

During the 19 plus years of boring and strenuous journeys in planes, trains, ships and rental cars, I have often dreamed of teleportation. Given today’s extensive paraphernalia of controls and the ever increasing, almost hysterical fear of lack of safety, it is not an overstatement to say that frequent work-related travelling is not exactly the best thing in one’s life. Moreover, a few extra flying miles are nothing when pitched against a constant state of jet lag, a waning health and more importantly, a deteriorating family life!

If you do not have the opportunity to change your professional role and spend most of your work hours in front of a digital screen, in a comfy office setting, or if, like me, you absolutely love what you do and do not want anything or anyone to come in the way of your professionals habits or responsibilities, I have shared a few simple suggestions that will erase your uneasiness and make long distance professional travels extremely comfortable.

From one business traveller to another

Indulge in some physical activity a day before your scheduled departure.

Run, brisk walk, play tennis or even better, make love! Oh no, I do not indulge in irrelevancy here; science proves that sex promotes the release of oxytocin – a hormone that helps to sleep more easily! Work out your back muscles and spine to facilitate better posture and the release of endorphins, which are essential to keep up the mood. Believe me, this trick serves all. Besides, let’s face it, if you are in love, spending quality time with your partner before a long journey will not only relax and prepare you physically for the travel but will also induce a breath of fresh air in your relationship!

DESITA-BLOG-viaggi6Learn to enjoy solitude.

Enjoying solitude is an art and it took me years to learn it. Surviving in a cramped space of a locomotive, sleeping in a bed that is not yours, in a hotel room that is foreign to you, dining alone and not being able to share the moment with someone – year after year – is not a joke. Over time, this habit can really make the most jovial of us cringe into a shell. The trick is to have a good relationship with yourself and consider these moments as ‘personal time’. Utilize this time for self reflection and learn a thing or two about yourself. Do the things that you like doing. Be your best company! This will help you transform indolent loneliness into blissful solitude and make your time away from ‘your comfort zone’ enjoyable and productive.

Be curious

Are you a fatalist? No? Well, become one! Remember, the world is your oyster, waiting to be explored! Be curious and observe with interest every little thing that happens around you. Wonder who will sit by your side – this passenger or that one. Go and greet the hostess who is trying to control a yawn and who, just like you, is bored to death after a six hour flight. Ask the guy in the front row about the book he is reading. You never know which one of them could become your future best friend, business partner or pleasant acquaintance! Think about all the endless possibilities that could keep you busy over the next few hours in a closed space and in the company of strangers. What can be your source of information and entertainment?

These are a few questions that I ask myself every time I embark on a business trip and a small miracle happens: my seemingly dull and tedious journey transforms into an exciting one!





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