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The first International design contest about gelato

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy gelato and that’s kind of same thing

It’s quite impossible to forget the first gelato of your life – so the last one – as opposed to other foods in need of a more crafty palate. It binds memories of smears on t-shirts or small change in your pocket to grab the cone with three flavors, instead of two.

Perhaps, that is why it is so loved: it is not just a nice food, but it brings us back to a particular moment of our life.

Gelato is a modern marvel, different from ice-cream, and is one of the most important culinary inventions of the sixteenth century, and, long past the limiting idea of a certain seasonality, is now chosen for a quick meal, starring in more complex recipes and catalyst of prestigious events celebrating it in all its forms: creative, cultural, economic.

DESITA is specialized in creating and developing concepts, also about gelato (like this one made for a farsighted clients in Saudi Arabia), but now wish to contribute broader, after having been successful in bringing the Gelato World Tour in Dubai in 2014, involving a greater number of stakeholders and offering benefits to the whole community, with a special focus on universities students and designers under 35.


DESITA GELATO AWARD is the first International design contest that offer a real opportunity to talented designers to create a path “from idea to market” while “reshaping the whole gelato experience”.

There are two categories: New Tools and Devices – Product/Interaction Design 

The winner will have the possibility to chose within an amount of money or a 3 months paid internship in a Sponsor design division. All participants will get in touch with leading manufacturers and have the opportunity to explore collaborations. 

The Award will be launched on January 23rd, 2016 at 1:30pm during the first day of SIGEP, the world leading exhibition about gelato, pastry, coffee and bakery.

Do not wait any longer, if you are a motivated designer and you have an idea, subscribe! And don’t forget: 9 out of 10 people love gelato and the tenth lies.




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