AAHAR 2015: The Largest Indian Food & Hospitality Fair

marzo 10

March has finally ushered the refreshing spring season in India and has brought with itself the biggest Indian Food & Hospitality Fair.

For a country that is renowned for its legendary hospitality and its ranking as the world’s second largest producer of farm outputs, now is indeed the perfect time of the year to celebrate India’s achievements in its indigenous food and hospitality industries. The 5-day mega AAHAR Fair is all set to showcase India’s finest developments and cutting-edge innovations in its food & beverage, food processing, foodservice machinery & technology and hospitality sectors.

Philosophical Significance of ‘Aahar’ & Its Association with Hospitality

The wordAaharmeans ‘food’ or ‘nutrition’. Interestingly in India, the concept of ‘food’ or ‘offering food’ is deeply entwined with the Vedic idea of ‘hospitality’, where the ancient phrase ‘atithi devo bhava’ translates to “the guest is equivalent to God” and continues to be the code of conduct for modern Indian society.

Quite similar to the Greek tradition of Xenia (read: SKK – from a kebab franchise in Italy to a global restaurant chain) defining guest-host relationship, ‘atithi devo bhava’ teaches Indians to offer three things to the unannounced visitor (guest) – kind words, food and refreshments and a place to rest – and is considered to be a paramount duty characterizing the sacred relationship between a guest and a host in Indian culture. Ancient Indian Vedic philosophy also strongly advocates that “no one should go hungry from your doorstep.”

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The Event

Hailed as India’s largest Food & Hospitality fair, the Aahar International Food & Hospitality Fair is organized by the India Trade Promotion Organisation every year between March 10 and March 14 in the capital city of New Delhi.

In its 30th edition this year, Aahar 2015 will showcase two individual but concurrent exhibitions – ‘Food India’ and ‘Hospitality India’.

Open exclusively for business people, the 30th Aahar International Food & Hospitality Fair 2015 will present visitors with a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the evolving trends in Indian food & beverage and hospitality sectors.

India Calling!

Team DESITA will be there. Like all major international-level exhibitions, AAHAR 2015 will present a golden opportunity to network with Indian and international brands, established players in the Indian market, professionals, importers, dealers and distributors, as well as retailers and franchisors.

We always wanted to visit India and now is the opportunity to mix business with a bit of pleasure! We are all set to hop on the flight to India to attend AAHAR 2015We are taking our international experience and know-how about concept design, foodservice and franchising and will be representing some Italian brands that are eager to enter this very interesting and booming market. We have a good feeling about meeting business potentials and taking DESITA into the emerging Indian foodservice and hospitality market. Fingers crossed!

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