Pinocchio lands in Dubai: a gelato story

febbraio 10

Human needs are continuous, but the satisfaction of them are still in evolution so this is also the case of buying gelato that have to satisfy tasting and visual needs.

pinocchio DESITAPinocchio cone holder can totally satisfy this basic thus writing a script where the cone is the absolute star of a movie that can be seen either in black&white or in Technicolor.

The cone can be considered a support of a desire, but also the last bite of the tasting process and can become a primary element in furniture as well, as if it was the texture of a fabric that wraps and counterpoints the ambience.

We know very well that a project is always made on the basis of a need that facilitate creative process and creates analysis, research and more over, dreams.

Pinocchio can harmonize, match and synthesize the pure aesthetic aspect and the working functionality, leaving the eyes to decide if it is more nicer or helpful.

We were impressed when we have seen Pinocchio at Sigep for the very first time. We loved it and after quick talk with our friends who design it, we are now bringin it to the Middle East. And we are excited to present Pinocchio in few days to the very special occasion of the Gelato World Tour in Dubai.

Well, keep following DESITA because this special cones horder it might be just the first of a special design products series dedicate to Ho.Re.Ca field.

Are you ready for new trending products?



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